10 Jun

Marcus Grey is the Chief Flying Instructor at the MAF Training Centre here in Mareeba. He is also the Chief Pilot for MAF in Mareeba and the MAF Timor-Leste Programme.

Marcus has a wealth of flying, training and overseas experience, he and his family have been serving with MAF since 1984. The first twelve years of that time was spent in Arnhem Land and Papua New Guinea where Marcus filled different roles from Charter Pilot, to Base Manager and Area Manager.

In 1996, Marcus moved to Victoria to become a Flying Instructor and the Operations Manager at the MAF Flight Training Centre in Ballarat. When the Training Centre moved to Coldstream (also in Victoria) in 2003, Marcus became the Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor there.

In 2014, the MAF International Training Centre was moved once again, this time to Mareeba in Far North Queensland. Marcus and his wife Julie who also worked at the training centre in Coldstream were key to moving everything and setting up the new training centre here in Mareeba.