We have an international team of instructors, management and administrative staff at the Mareeba training centre with a wealth of experience in both aviation and mission.
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William Nicol

William Nicol is the Aviation Director for MAF International. William first joined MAF in 1998 and first worked as a programme pilot in Tanzania until 2002 and then as the Chief Training Captain for MAF until 2006. After a break from 2007-2011 where he was the Head of Training at CTC Aviation Training based in Hamilton, […]

Volkher Jacobsen

Volkher Jacobsen is the MAF International Flight Training Manager. He joined MAF in 1995 and has spent his entire professional career serving with MAF. First in Arnhem Land, then from 1996 in various locations throughout Papua New Guinea, where he held different roles, including Deputy Chief Pilot. In 2004, Volkher moved with his family to […]

Thomas Beyeler

Senior Flight Instructor Thomas Beyeler joined MAF in mid-2015 when he and his family moved across the world to serve in the training centre in Mareeba. Originally from Switzerland, Thomas has previously been used to much more powerful planes than those we fly in MAF. From 2002 until coming here, he was a Jet Fighter […]

Simon Wunderli

Simon Wunderli is a Standardisation Instructor and joined our team of instructors at the end of 2016. Born in Papua New Guinea into a missionary family, Simon is actually Swiss in nationality. He trained at Moody Aviation in America as an aircraft mechanic and pilot, and Simon has used both skills during his working career. Joining MAF […]

René Don

René Don joined our training team in mid-2018 as Head of Delivery, responsible for all operations and student planning in the training centre. Originally from the Netherlands, René worked as a hardware and software designer before joining MAF in 2009. Following completion of flight training with MAF (when our training centre was at Coldstream in […]

Neil Alexander

Flight instructor Neil Alexander joined the team in Mareeba in early 2018. Neil is a qualified pilot, instructor and engineer and has spent his entire career in the aviation industry, starting as a Hawker de Havilland Aeronautical Engineering Cadet in 1979. Amongst other positions, Neil worked for Hawker Pacific from 1987 until 2001 as the […]

Michael Vogel

Michael Vogel joined our team of flight instructors in early 2017 and is a casual instructor at the training centre. He has been a pilot with MAF since 2007, first serving in the Arnhem Land programme for three years and then as DHC-6 and C208 Captain in Papua New Guinea for almost seven years. Originally from […]

Marcus Grey

Marcus Grey is the Chief Flying Instructor at the MAF Training Centre here in Mareeba. He is also the Chief Pilot for MAF in Mareeba and the MAF Timor-Leste Programme. Marcus has a wealth of flying, training and overseas experience, he and his family have been serving with MAF since 1984. The first twelve years […]

Joe Knighton

Joe Knighton and his family, from the UK, joined MAF in 2015. Joe has had a passion for aviation from a young age and he considers it an incredible privilege to share this ability with others. Growing up in South Wales, UK, Joe learnt to fly as an Air Cadet aged 19. Following a serious road […]

Hans Cools

As a young boy growing up in Belgium, Instructor Hans Cools dreamt of becoming a pilot. In 2011, he began his commercial pilot training in the UK and in 2013 he went on to gain his Grade 3 Instructor Rating in Australia. Hans has worked in the Aviation Industry ever since, joining MAF in 2017. […]

David Pett

David Pett is the MAF International Training Captain for the AVGAS single engine piston fleet. Originally from the UK, David took his first flying lesson in 1992 and obtained his Commercial Pilot’s Licence in 2003. David then trained as a Flight Instructor in 2003-2004. David and his family joined MAF in 2006. They spent eight […]

Bridget Ingham

Bridget has recently joined MAF and is training to become a Flight Instructor. She started flying in 1998 and gained her commercial license in 2017. Bridget is from New Zealand and prior to joining MAF was a Research Scientist in experimental Physics. In early 2016, God reminded Bridget of her dream to become a pilot […]

Andy Little

Andy Little is an Australian pilot who joined our team of flight instructors in mid-2017. Since completing his Commercial Pilot’s Licence back in 2007, Andy has gained many hours of both flying and training experience which he brings to his role here. Andy has previously worked as a flight instructor at ACMA (the Australian Centre […]

Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins is the MAF International Senior Training Captain for Pilot Standardisation. Andrew gained his Commercial Pilot’s Licence in 1993 and he has been a Grade 1 rated flight instructor since 2000. He and his family have been with MAF since 1999, serving in Victoria (Australia), Papua New Guinea and Arnhem Land. His current role […]

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