(Written by and photographs taken by Katherine Williams) Everywhere I looked were clouds, amazing shapes, colours, just incredible clouds. I had no idea that clouds could be this way and I loved the fact that I was in a small airplane looking at them, feeling every slight bump in the air, on my way to […]

(Written by Katherine Williams. Photographs taken by students themselves) A few weeks ago, I was wandering around the Mareeba Flight Centre when I ran into the MAF Mareeba student pilots. They were bubbling over with excitement about their upcoming Mission trip to Cooktown. I stopped to chat with them and was overcome by their enthusiasm […]

Written by Katherine Williams and photographs taken by Jenny Beckwith I met with Joe Knighton, Senior Flight Instructor for Mareeba Flight Training Centre one wet Mareeba morning and his opening line was that “God gives us skills and abilities to use and I feel it is our duty to offer those skills to others.”  Joe […]

There are some people you meet in life who are so easy to talk to and Tali Grace is definitely one of those people. When I first joined MAF a few short months ago, I was introduced to Tali and immediately felt that she had a special gift of communicating and God’s Love just seems […]

Bridget has recently joined MAF and is training to become a Flight Instructor. She started flying in 1998 and gained her commercial license in 2017. Bridget is from New Zealand and prior to joining MAF was a Research Scientist in experimental Physics. In early 2016, God reminded Bridget of her dream to become a pilot […]

Andrew Hadfield, one of Mareeba’s Aircraft Maintenance Engineers began working for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) at the beginning of 2014 as an adult Apprentice.  He had grown up watching his Dad also work on planes for MAF as an Engineer and felt that God wanted him to follow the same path. Andrew’s Dad, Robert Hadfield […]

At the beginning of August 2018, we had the privilege of congratulating two more pilots on the completion of their flight training in Mareeba; the programme run in partnership between Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Aviation Australia. Joël Rominger and Ueli Müller finished the Instrument Rating element, the final section of their programmes, which saw […]

1 Aug

René Don joined our training team in mid-2018 as Head of Delivery, responsible for all operations and student planning in the training centre. Originally from the Netherlands, René worked as a hardware and software designer before joining MAF in 2009. Following completion of flight training with MAF (when our training centre was at Coldstream in […]

In March 2018, senior flight instructor Joe Knighton got a request that was a little out of the ordinary. Through the generous donations of supporters, following a fundraising appeal by MAF Australia, MAF had the opportunity to purchase a Cessna 182 aircraft for training purposes … except the previous owner and the aircraft were based […]