24 Jan

As a young boy growing up in Belgium, Instructor Hans Cools dreamt of becoming a pilot. In 2011, he began his commercial pilot training in the UK and in 2013 he went on to gain his Grade 3 Instructor Rating in Australia. Hans has worked in the Aviation Industry ever since, joining MAF in 2017. […]

Students at the Flight Training Centre here in Mareeba get a unique opportunity as part of the training programme; to go on a remote area safari and visit a MAF operational programme. These safari’s give students exposure to flying in remote, isolated, hot conditions and to navigate over often featureless terrain. It takes them beyond […]

On Saturday the 7th of October, flight instructor Andy Little set up a stand at the inaugural Aviation Careers Open Day in Cairns. Targeted at people interested in aviation industry careers, Andy had many conversations with people who were equally surprised by the scope of MAF’s worldwide operations, and that their training base was around […]

Since its avionics upgrade (with the installation of an Aspen EFD-1000 Primary Flight Display) which was completed in March 2017, the Cessna 172, VH-WMC, is the only training aircraft in Mareeba equipped with touch screen GPS and autopilot; preparing pilots for higher level operations. Flight instructor, Thomas Beyeler, has been really pleased with the difference […]

25 Jul

Michael Vogel joined our team of flight instructors in early 2017 and is a casual instructor at the training centre. He has been a pilot with MAF since 2007, first serving in the Arnhem Land programme for three years and then as DHC-6 and C208 Captain in Papua New Guinea for almost seven years. Originally from […]

Simon Wunderli is a Standardisation Instructor and joined our team of instructors at the end of 2016. Born in Papua New Guinea into a missionary family, Simon is actually Swiss in nationality. He trained at Moody Aviation in America as an aircraft mechanic and pilot, and Simon has used both skills during his working career. Joining MAF […]

25 Jul

Andy Little is an Australian pilot who joined our team of flight instructors in mid-2017. Since completing his Commercial Pilot’s Licence back in 2007, Andy has gained many hours of both flying and training experience which he brings to his role here. Andy has previously worked as a flight instructor at ACMA (the Australian Centre […]

Since the end of 2016, we have added not one, not two but three new flight instructors to our team here in Mareeba. All three pilots have years of experience serving with MAF across programmes in Uganda, Papua New Guinea and Arnhem Land and now they will be combining their wealth of expertise with our existing […]

While we now have an established training centre here in Mareeba (Far North Queensland), MAF is also hoping to reopen the flight training centre in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the near future. There will then effectively be one training facility on this side of the world, with two campuses. The courses will run slightly differently but […]

On March 1st 2017, Lukas Schmid successfully flew his first solo flight from Mareeba airport in VH-MIS, a Cessna 172. It was the training centres’ second ‘first solo’ in as many weeks. The flight which was just seven minutes long, was described by one of the other students as one of the biggest hurdles any […]