Student Testimonials

We have been privileged to train students from all over the world at the MAF Training Centre.

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Jason Robinson

Originally from Northern Ireland, Jason Robinson completed his training with us in mid-2016. Having started training with us in Victoria, he moved to the new facilities with us in 2015. Once he gained all his pilot qualifications, he was then accepted by MAF Australia and will soon be serving in one of the many MAF programmes.

Towards the end of his training Jason had the unexpected opportunity to fly some volunteers from Out there Kowanyama to work within the isolated community north-west of Mareeba for a week. Jason says ‘After years of training, it was a great encouragement to make my first real flight with passengers. It reminded me that this is what God has called me to do – using aircraft to serve other and bring help, hope and the good news of the Gospel to people in the remotest regions of the world.’

Mel Laird

Mel Laird is a pilot from New Zealand who has spent some time in Mareeba with our instructors for both Standardisation in 2016 and to complete her Australian Instrument Rating in 2017. While originally bound for one of the Africa programmes, the needs within MAF are constantly changing and so following her second round of training in Mareeba, Mel has now moved up to serve with MAF in the Arnhem Land programme.

Of her time in Mareeba, Mel writes “The staff are friendly, and we still managed a few laughs amidst all the training and work needing to be done. The instruction received has been good, and they have successfully turned me from a pilot with an extreme dislike for Instrument Flying to one who now sees its benefits and, dare I say it, may even enjoy it. Just a little.”

Jacophin Singh

Indian pilot, Jacophin Singh completed her CPL conversion here in November 2016. She will be returning in 2017, for her Standardisation before serving with MAF in Arnhem Land, a place she had an opportunity to visit during her training.

“God promised He would take me places and in His own time, He has brought me to Mareeba. New place, new people … the support, inspiration and dedication that I received was beyond compare. There was not one day that I felt away from home with all the cheerful people around in MAF. I was takes as their own and the unwavering support and encouragement during my training makes me truly inspired to proudly serve for God and MAF. I successfully achieved my license on 10th November and it was a dream come true … My trip to Arnhem Land was exciting and visiting the base and meeting the people from a different culture was a surreal experience … I can’t put into words how happy and proud I am to serve in God’s mission through MAF. Can’t wait to be a part of MAF.”

Daniel Gill

Danny Gill, originally from Northern Ireland but born in Nepal to missionary parents, always dreamed of being a pilot for MAF with a desire to serve those in remote areas – aged just 25 he realised that dream. Having trained with us, Danny has been serving with MAF from the remote location of Arnhem Land in Northern Australia, since August 2015.

“Being taught and mentored by MAF pilots who’d been there and done the real thing really encourages you in your day to day learning. The wisdom and experience they share is invaluable when it comes to operating safely in a programme to a high standard. The goal of always improving and being a high quality professional pilot is something that I constantly strive for, thanks to watching all of my instructors model that behaviour … I cannot thank the instructors enough, constantly I hear a ‘motto’ or lesson in my head that they taught me and it is exactly the thing I need for the challenge I’m facing or the attitude I should adopt.” Danny Gill

David Graf

David Graf moved to Mareeba from Switzerland with his wife in early 2016, as one of the first Ab Initio students in the new Training Centre. By November of the same year he had gained his Commercial Pilot’s Licence and by the middle of 2017, he is expected to be on of the pilots flying in the MAF Arnhem Land programme.

David said that the course not only helped him to become a great pilot but also to become part of something bigger. “As an MAF Training Centre student , I get excellent support from the flight instructors. The tropical area with Cairns International Airport to the east and the remote outback area to the west, as well as 300 sunny days a year, makes Mareeba an ideal place to do flight training. The training, as well as the aircraft fleet is aligned with the mission and challenges pilots will face when they join an MAF programme.”