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Thank you to those who entered!

We have begun judging and hope to announce the winners by the 20th/9th/2023

Stay posted and best of luck!


This is your chance to get behind the controls of a MAF plane in the skies!

Design and build any MAF plane in history using Lego for an opportunity to get behind the controls of the real thing! 

Our current fleet sports Cessna 208 Caravans and Gippsaero GA8 Airvans, but, if you're keen enough to dig a little deeper and find what aircraft we used to fly 50 years ago, we'd love to see what you're able to create!

Competition requirements and our scoring system below. 

Make sure your design is submitted by 11:59pm AEST 10/09/2023 to claim an entry.



We recommend that you take a few photos from different angles, so we can really see all the amazing work you put in!

If your model has moving pieces, take a few different photos of it in different positions. That way we'll appreciate the extra effort you put in!

Compile these photos into a .Doc file or combine them all-together into a .pdf. (Here is an online image to .PDF converter)


Thanks for submitting!

An exaMple of a Lego MAF Plane,
built by our very own!


A Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) with one of our well-trained instructor pilots. The experience includes a 30-minute pre-flight briefing on the ground followed by ~30 minutes in the air, flying in one of our C172s. You will get a chance to use the controls yourself and see what it really is like to fly.



All entries will be scored and reviewed equally by some of our finest Lego judges! These judges will score the models based of the following:

  • Accuracy

    • Does the model accurately represent the real-life aircraft?

  • Colour Scheme

    • We'd love it if you use colour, we'd love it even more if they were MAF colours!

  • Size

    • Sometimes in life bigger is better. The more Lego you can use, the better chance you get.

  • Functionality

    • ​Models are cool, working models are cooler. Our planes have working doors, does your model?​​​​​

  • Entrants must be within Grades 8 through 12 (inc.).

  • The design must be an original. No copying other people's designs.

  • All models must be designed and built entirely out of Lego.

  • Entrants must submit a photo of themselves with the model.

  • Most importantly, you must have fun!

  • Submit your entry prior to the deadline!

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