Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

The Flight Training School in Mt Hagen has reopened and this addition to the MAF pilot training possibilities will offer a similar course to the one in Mareeba but with a slightly different structure.

Students from Papua New Guinea, will spend time at both the Mt Hagen and Mareeba campuses to gain their qualifications as our training centres share a common curriculum, competency based training philosophy and instructor expertise. One training centre, two campuses.

PNG student pilots will be in Mareeba for anything that is truly new or foundational:

  • Private Pilots License
  • Night Flying Rating
  • Instrument Rating

PNG student pilots will be in Mt Hagen, applying their newly learned knowledge, skill, and attitude in real contexts:

  • Navigation experience building in PNG
  • Commercial Pilots License training
  • Grade 12 High School (or higher) graduation certificate with “High Pass” marks in English, Maths and Physics
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Availability to attend a 3 day Pre-Flight Training Assessment at MAF in Mt Hagen (travel and accommodation at own cost)

Selected candidates will …

  • receive an invitation to the next assessment to evaluate the likelihood of success of flight training at the TC. The assessment looks at a candidate’s general knowledge, numeracy and literacy skills plus aptitude and attitude.
  • need to pre-pay 500 PNG Kina (non-refundable) for the 3 day Pre-Flight Training Assessment.
  • need to be able to demonstrate full funding held for all training in advance of starting the course.

Only candidates who successfully pass the Pre-Flight Training Assessment may be offered flight training at the TC.

The next 3 day assessment at the MAF Training Centre in Mt Hagen will be held on November 13-15, 2017. Applications need to be submitted by August 30th if you would like to be considered for this round of Pre-Flight Training Assessment.

  • Aviation theory introduction in Mt Hagen (one week)
  • Observer flying in MAF Cessna Caravan operations in Mt Hagen (one week)
  • Transfer to the Mareeba Campus for Private Pilot License and Night Flying Training (6 months)
  • Transfer back to the Mt Hagen Campus (10 months) for:
    • Commercial Pilot License theory
    • aircraft type conversion
    • navigation experience
    • Commercial Pilot License flight test
    • Introduction to Instrument Flying
  • Transfer back to the Mareeba Campus for the Instrument Flying Rating theory, practice and test (4 months)
  • Complete the Advanced Flying Course at Mt Hagen campus in a typical MAF operational aircraft and context.

Over two years students will achieve approximately 240 flying hours at a total cost of $107,500 AUD.

Here is a summary of the 2017 hours and costs:

  • Initial Mt Hagen aviation theory introduction and MAF PNG operations observer flying – up to 10 hours – $1,000 AUD
  • Recreational Pilot License – 43 hours – $17,500 AUD
  • Private Pilot License – 38 hours – $13,000 AUD
  • Night Rating – 43 hours – $16,000 AUD
  • Commercial Pilot License – 68 hours – $34,500 AUD
  • Instrument Rating – 35 hours – $17,000 AUD
  • Advanced Flying Course – 13 hours – $8,500 AUD

All fees shown are for the 2017 year only. Students should expect normal annual increases.

These costs do NOT include flights between campuses and associated visa costs, CASA charges for medicals, issuing of licenses and ratings, exam fees, food and accommodation at either campus.

An online application form will soon be available for you to complete here.

In the meantime, please use the general contact page on this website and request an application form be emailed to you.

MAF will offer up to four PNG candidates the opportunity to start training twice each year.

If you want to become a Commercial Pilot with PNG licenses and ratings then the 24 months course described here and 3 day Pre-Flight Training Assessment is for you.

Please request the Flight Course Application Form at [email protected] or use the contact page on this website.

If you would like to add Australian Diploma Qualifications, the MAF Training Centre in Mareeba offers an integrated 16 month, double diploma course through Aviation Australia (RTO:30770, CRICOS:02425C).