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MAF Partners with Lentera, Papua

(Story written by Katherine Williams. Photographs taken by Lentera & Bridget Ingham)

Part of the MAF core values is Partnership—we value the strength and diversity that co-operation and collaboration bring and partner with those who share our beliefs and values.

One such partnership that MAF has is with Lentera Papua, a small, efficient non-profit organisation that focuses on the highlands of Papua, Indonesia. Lentera Papua trains and disciples the young generation of Papua to become professionals in ministry, aviation, medical, education and social fields.

Lentera were using a PAC750 aircraft to train pilots in Papua, but it was destroyed in the March 2018 earthquakes. Imenus Kogoya, a Lentera pilot is training with the Mareeba Flight Training Centre (FTC) to try and increase his hours, with the intention to return to Papua to continue his training. Imenus says “I was inspired by seeing MAF helping people, which led me to want to help others”.

PAC750 destroyed in the 2018 earthquakes in Papua

Imenus explained that he had spent one year training in Papua before the aircraft was destroyed, now he is continuing his flight training for five weeks in Mareeba, where he will gain approximately 50 flight hours in both the C172 and GA8, and will then return to Papua, where they are awaiting a new aircraft to continue their good work.

Imenus flying in MAF aircraft VH-MIS

Imenus has left a young family at home to come to Mareeba to study and says “he has enjoyed being able to what’s app with them”. He says “Being in Mareeba, I have enjoyed flying, but have also enjoyed being encouraged in my faith. I really like that there is no hierarchy in MAF and that everyone is respected and treated equally.”

Imenus flying in Papua

It has been a pleasure having you in Mareeba Imenus. God be with you as you go back to Papua and continue with your flight course.



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